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District: Xuhui Location: Lane 550 Shanxi south Road
Rent: 6.00RMB/sqm/day Mng: 0.00RMB/sqm/day
Ceiling Height: 3.50 m Year of Completion 2010
Features: Loft Availability: Please check with our agents
Popularity: 1905 Name: Jiashan Market
ou live in the French concession area, you must know where Jiashan Market is. The project was devolopped by an archetecture company called BAU back in 2010 and it turned out to be a sucess recently. The market has 2 different areas, residential tower and commercial tower. The occupancy rate is almost 100%. There are now restaurants, cafes, organic supermarket in the compound already and expat families throw out get-together parties during the weekends time by time. There are mostly AD companies and design companies in the complex. If your company is doing something creative, Jiashan market is certainly a good place to stay.
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